Data Security to the nth Power

nDiscovery℠ is the only network security log analysis service that
combines sophisticated log review technology with expert human
intelligence – making unauthorized access, malware and suspicious activities visible, actionable and preventable. That's the power of n.

nDiscovery is a unique combination of Security Information Management (SIM) and Log-based Intrusion Detection (LIDS) that gives your organization the information it needs to prevent and act on suspicious, malicious, or unintended security threats, day after day, month after month.

The log review process can be painstaking and difficult. With our unique
combination of powerful log file analysis technology and human expertise,
we do all the hard work for you -- with the utmost accuracy and a proactive, systematic approach. You'll save substantial time and money every day, allowing you to concentrate on your core business without costly specialized personnel.

Get clear visibility into network events and potential security breaches with the easy-to-use nDiscovery Portal, providing alerts and recommendations in language you can understand and act on quickly… before a loss occurs.

The nDiscovery Portal is a collaborative tool your team can utilize to communicate and act on security issues, access your organization's archive of daily and monthly reports, and stay on top of all network activity.

nDiscovery log management is the comprehensive, cost-effective way to
comply with your regulatory obligations* and meet your fiduciary responsibility
to customers and shareholders. No wonder auditors love it! Click for the nDiscovery Compliance Checklist, a quick snapshot of how nDiscovery helps meet your regulatory requirements. For additional information, download the NIST's comprehensive white paper, Guide to Computer Security Log Management.

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AICPA Sage Data Security is a certified SAS 70 / SSAE 16 provider

*Meets compliance requirements for

  • GLBA
  • PCI
  • CMR 17
  • NERC